The sort of service they'd chose themselves ....


1 or 2 daily visits to your home.

Top up water and food bowls, clean feeding bowls, clean feeding
area, clean litter tray as well as play and cuddle with your kitty.

We will also cater to your your kitty's daily/weekly grooming
needs while you are away and can administer medication as

If we notice a change in eating habits or anything else, we will make
sure it is detailed for you to view when you get back. Should we
become very concerned we will of course contact you and if
necessary, your Vet.

If you’re on holiday, all sitting visits will also include some
helpful house-keeping including bringing in post, switching
lights on and off and watering house-plants and hanging baskets.

We'll even buy fresh bread and milk for your return, if you leave
a list and the money!